Further information - Intercultural training West, Central and East Africa

Besides Asia, Africa is considered to be one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world. In many African countries, economic growth has been around 7 percent for a few years and thus significantly higher than the growth rate in other regions. Investors and businesses are increasingly discovering the African continent as an attractive market.

If you are seeking to establish contacts with African business partners or are just about to move to an African country, you can use this intercultural training to prepare yourself in a targeted way for the new challenges you will be facing. Besides getting information on the country and the region, you will learn about the prevailing values, norms, and behavioural patterns in Sub-Saharan Africa. The training will sensitise you for the cultural commonalties and differences. It will also help you to communicate more effectively and avoid or clarify misunderstandings more easily. This intercultural training gives you exactly the basis you need for successful collaboration!

A diverse method of learning is used in the intercultural training courses offered. Besides inputs on the part of the trainer, role plays, case studies, and group discussions etc are part of the course. By using ‘African storytelling’ as well as a big reservoir of African proverbs, the training with Dr. Ede is a very memorable experience.

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